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Divorce may present additional challenges to at-home parents

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2014 | Divorce |

The change in life that accompanies a divorce can take on many aspects. Connecticut residents who have been through divorce can attest that it can be challenging to readjust to a single-income household. This can be particularly true for the parent awarded sole or primary custody of a child or children.

In some cases, a parent who has elected to stay at home and raise children has done so at the cost of a career in the standard work force. In the case of a divorce, these individuals are often compelled to return to an outside job to shore up the costs associated with raising children alone. While child support and alimony can be helpful to offset some of those costs, it is not likely feasible in the current market for most single-parent households to operate without a primary source of income.

This is why it can be so helpful to plan ahead for an impending divorce. Discussing child support options with a spouse, if possible, can help to smooth the transition and provide the primary parent with a financial framework within which to plan out income requirements. Additionally, a full understanding of how asset division works under state law can ensure the custodial parent walks away with the assets to which they are entitled.

It is never easy to pursue a divorce, particularly where children are concerned. Connecticut residents may find it beneficial to seek out support and information about the divorce process as part of a “plan ahead” approach. This can mean the difference between a tenuous financial position and a stable one moving forward.

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