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November 2013 Archives

"Pet custody" a more prevalent issue in modern divorce

High divorce rates, coupled with a booming pet industry across America, has led to the unusual but swiftly growing issue of pet custody in separation agreements. Connecticut pet owners understand how attached individuals can become to their pets. Quite often these individuals view their pets as more than property to be divided in a divorce situation.

Dealing with grey divorce in Connecticut

More and more, marriages that have endured for decades are being legally ended, a fact which many studies have confirmed. The prevalence of so-called "gray divorce" is undeniably on the rise, and it has led to an equal need for support for those experiencing its effects. Thankfully, experts have advice for Connecticut residents going through a late-life divorce.

Dealing with pet ownership as part of divorce proceedings

To many Americans, a family pet is considered a valued member of the family unit as a whole. Connecticut residents facing a divorce may be inclined to ask what becomes of a family pet in a legal sense, since child custody does not extend to four-legged friends. In general, the law views pets as an extension of personal property.

Divorce settlements can be stressful, so preparation is important

Generally speaking there are two ways to approach a divorce. The first is a settlement solution in which both parties sit down and hash out division of assets, child support and other necessities without necessitating a court date. The second is a litigation divorce, in which the argument is writ large in a Connecticut courtroom. Some experts say that with a little forethought, a settlement can be reached outside a courtroom with better results.

Delaying divorce bad for Connecticut couples, some experts say

It can be difficult to admit that a relationship, once founded on love and respect, is no longer functioning the way both spouses once wished it would. Divorce is never an easy process, as many Connecticut residents can attest to, but some experts are saying that delaying the inevitable may make things worse. Fiscally and emotionally, some have compared the act of delaying divorce to creating a "ticking time bomb".

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