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Delaying divorce bad for Connecticut couples, some experts say

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2013 | Divorce |

It can be difficult to admit that a relationship, once founded on love and respect, is no longer functioning the way both spouses once wished it would. Divorce is never an easy process, as many Connecticut residents can attest to, but some experts are saying that delaying the inevitable may make things worse. Fiscally and emotionally, some have compared the act of delaying divorce to creating a “ticking time bomb”.

In most marriages undergoing separation challenges, it is common for family and friends of both sides to inadvertently “pick sides”. This becomes more prevalent the longer the situation persists. While these individuals may have the best intentions, the involvement of more and more parties can be detrimental to the divorce process once it begins. Entering the process more quickly means less opportunity for well-meaning relatives to become involved.

Additionally, if a couple chooses to separate but not finalize a divorce, the potential for what some experts call “post-divorce relationships” goes up markedly. These sorts of relationships can bring up a variety of complicated emotions for both parties, and can get in the way of a clean and efficient divorce proceeding. It is better, some say, to get the divorce finalized prior to embarking on new relationships, because it will allow those new relationships to grow unfettered by baggage from the previous relationship.

Divorce can doubtless be a complicated process, but it is one best not left on the “back burner” for too long. Connecticut residents considering a divorce are urged to seek out further information about their rights and responsibilities before filing the paperwork. However, they are also encouraged to do so sooner than later to help ensure an equitable ad relatively efficient divorce process.

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