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July 2013 Archives

Divorce questions asked by children should be heeded by adults

Many parents facing a separation have noted that the hardest part of the process is explaining the facts of the matter to their children. As many Connecticut residents are aware, divorce can be hardest on children who lack the ability to fully grasp the particulars of the situation. The questions children ask, however, should not fall on deaf parental ears.

Divorce hardest on young children, study says

A separation can be profoundly difficult on the parties involved, but a new study suggests it may be even more so for young children. Connecticut residents know how challenging the divorce process can be, and it stands to reason that young children without the ability to fully understand the process would have difficulty accepting the change in life. However, the study suggests that the damage may be limited in scope.

Same-sex divorce may be clarified by Supreme Court ruling

The recent Supreme Court ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act as being unconstitutional will have many repercussions for same-sex unions throughout the United States. Here in Connecticut and elsewhere, those repercussions may also manifest in the issue of same-sex divorce. Up until now, the decision to divorce has been a complicated, time consuming process for same-sex couples. The recent ruling may change all that.

Divorce and 'co-parenting' challenging for Connecticut families

There is no denying that divorce is a challenging process. Connecticut families facing divorce are aware of the unique challenges facing separating spouses who have children. However, many experts agree that children too often bear the brunt of emotional burden in divorce situations and are urging parents to take a closer look at their parenting strategy throughout the divorce process.