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Divorce and ‘co-parenting’ challenging for Connecticut families

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2013 | Divorce |

There is no denying that divorce is a challenging process. Connecticut families facing divorce are aware of the unique challenges facing separating spouses who have children. However, many experts agree that children too often bear the brunt of emotional burden in divorce situations and are urging parents to take a closer look at their parenting strategy throughout the divorce process.

In what has been called ‘co-parenting’, experts explain that honest, unemotional communication between former spouses can go a long way toward smoothing the transition for children. They have suggested that parents look at their post-divorce relationship in terms of business rather than emotion. This can help avoid needless fights and spillover of negative emotions to younger children who may not understand or blame themselves for arguments.

Additionally, communication during and after the divorce proceedings can help to limit arguments about scheduling, custody and other day-to-day parental concerns that are complicated by a separation. Keeping the lines of communication open, some say, make it easier for children to adapt to new living arrangements. Also, ensuring an expedient finalization of divorce proceedings can help make the transition easier.

No parent in Connecticut or elsewhere wants their children to bear the burden of a divorce. To this end, it can be very helpful for spouses with children to talk frankly about co-parenting strategies ahead of the proceedings. It can also benefit the whole family to seek additional support in ensuring a quick and equitable separation that will allow everyone to move on to a more positive future in their new situations.

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