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April 2013 Archives

Same-sex partner is a parent for both child custody and support

Although you may generally assert alternative legal theories in a case, the law does not usually allow arguing and establishing one position in one case and then asserting an opposite argument in a separate, later case. That tactic was tried by a woman in a same-sex custody case recently, and it led to her losing the case. The reported case is not a Connecticut child custody case, but the principles are instructive and influential here.

Prenuptial agreements protect women in divorce as much as men

In the past it was almost always assumed that a husband would earn more income than his wife. This is why a prenuptial agreement was considered a precaution designed to protect the husband's assets should the marriage later end in a divorce, in Connecticut or anywhere else. For the most part, husbands still generally do earn more than their wives, but it is becoming increasingly more common for some wives to earn more than their husbands.

Parents kidnap children in child custody dispute

Few matters come before Connecticut courts that are more contentious and emotional than those surrounding the care and control of children. Child custody is among the most deeply personal types of law practiced, and those involved often let their emotions overrun their reason. Unfortunately, parents who do not follow the proper legal procedures to gain or regain custody of their children are at risk of losing access to their kids permanently.

Divorce issues different for older Connecticut spouses

The divorce rate among older Americans is higher than ever before. High profile splits between couples such as Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Al and Tipper Gore have brought the issue to the forefront. Recent statistics suggest that as many as one in every four divorced spouses is 50 years of age or older. The divorce issues facing older Connecticut residents are different than those for couples in their twenties or thirties.

Why filing for divorce first is a smart move

Throughout the Connecticut divorce process there are a multitude of decisions that must be made. In many cases, the ramifications of these decisions can have lasting effects. Perhaps the most significant choice facing a spouse is whether to file for divorce first or wait for one's husband or wife to file.