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Why filing for divorce first is a smart move

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2013 | Divorce |

Throughout the Connecticut divorce process there are a multitude of decisions that must be made. In many cases, the ramifications of these decisions can have lasting effects. Perhaps the most significant choice facing a spouse is whether to file for divorce first or wait for one’s husband or wife to file.

There are a number of advantages to filing first. One involves the simple emotional benefit of making the decision to move on with one’s life and taking steps to make that a reality. Once the divorce process begins, it can feel as if a whirlwind is descending, so making the decision on when to file can give a spouse a measure of control over the process.

Filing first also allows a spouse the time necessary to prepare. This includes compiling a list of copies of all pertinent financial information, including deeds, income documents, investment account information and debts. For many couples, determining the full financial standing of a marriage involves a great deal of paperwork and tracking down statements. Being able to complete this process before any measure of contention arises can help tremendously.

Making the shift from thinking about divorce to actually filing the paperwork can be intimidating. However, once the proper preparation has been completed, filing first can get the process started on your terms. Beginning with a sense of control over both the decision to end the marriage and the details of the property division process can help create a positive momentum that can last throughout the entire undertaking. The emotional and legal benefits can go a long way toward easing the Connecticut divorce process.

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