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Divorcing the courts may create a better split from your partner

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2019 | Mediation |

Going through a divorce can be a painful process that leaves you or your partner feeling bitter after the judge lays down the conditions. But it doesn’t always have to be that way, thanks to alternative ways of dealing with divorce.

People who participate in divorce mediation are more likely to be satisfied with the process. Working together with your spouse in a non-combative arena may be the ideal solution you’re looking for when seeking divorce.

Prosperous process

Mediation can work in your favor in a variety of ways:

  • More control: You’ll generally have a bit more say in the process. From setting goals, managing terms and making decisions, you and your partner will likely be in the driver’s seat instead of a judge.
  • Even shares: A divorce through litigation may take on the feel of winners and losers, but mediation is usually about making sure everyone is satisfied. You’ll often be able to talk through things more with your partner instead of trying to sway a judge’s favor.
  • Saving face: The process of courtroom litigation is usually done before the public, with the record likely remaining available for all to see. The mediation process can happen away from prying eyes, so the only document that may see the light of day is the final one you put before a judge.
  • Preserving youth: Mediation can save your children from entering into the process. A judge may seek an audience to determine their best interest, or they may have to witness testimony that could affect how they see their parents. In mediation, this is typically unlikely as you control the process.

The advantages may be the difference in weighting mediation and litigation. Understanding the up-side to mediation could be the first step in determining which process will work best for you.