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Common contributing factors that lead couples to divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2019 | Firm News |

Recent reports suggest a drop in the divorce rate, but data suggests it is due more to fewer couples tying the knot. Divorce is still high among first and second marriages alike.

While there are many reasons why a once happily married couple splits, there are some common issues that creep up over time. Consider some of these contributing factors that lead many couples through the doors of divorce court.

Financial stress

When couples focus on keeping up with others when they financially cannot, it can drive a wedge in the marriage. One spouse may want to save while the other wants to spend. Getting on the same financial page and staying there takes work, communication and compromise. If a couple is unable to do this effectively, it may lead them to decide to separate.


Cheating can rock a marriage, perhaps more than almost any other factor. Trust is a fundamental requirement of any relationship. When one or both parties lose that, it can become practically impossible to gain it back. Infidelity does not always have to include a physical act. Bonding emotionally with someone other than a spouse also qualifies as cheating and can devastate marital bonds just as much as physical infidelity.

Failing to communicate effectively

The stress of work, money and family can all take a toll on even the strongest person. If there is tension in the relationship or indifference, one spouse may begin to withdraw from the other. Without emotional support, the connection between the parties may sever much easier. If talking often leads to fighting, avoiding conversations becomes an easy way to avoid conflict. However, not speaking can lead to misunderstandings, hurt feelings and an eventual total disconnect that leads to divorce.

In the beginning, couples believe their euphoric marital state will continue. However, without working together toward common goals, the marriage will begin to break down. Keeping the focus on the relationship rather than external factors is one way to get the union on track for success.