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Tips to keep in mind when seeking child custody

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2019 | Child Custody |

When Connecticut parents end their marriage, it can be very important for both of them to preserve their relationship with their children. This can be even more imperative when one parent strongly believes that they can provide their kids with a better, more stable home as a primary parent or even if they want to share joint custody. In many cases, both parents can come to an agreement with shared time for both with the children. However, in other cases, families may head to court to sort out their disputes over child custody. There are several steps that people can take to show that they are a good choice for custody of their children.

It is important for parents who are seeking custody to work together, including participating in negotiations and mediation to reach a settlement. People have lost custody cases over their refusal to work with the other parent. In addition, people who want custody should be able to show that they have repeatedly and regularly exercised their rights to time with the children.

An in-home custody evaluation can also be an important step, providing a professional assessment of the suitability of a parent’s home for raising children. It is also key for parents to consider that they present only a limited view of themselves to a family court judge. Therefore, they should dress properly for court, arrive on time and attend all hearings.

People pursuing increased or primary physical custody can work with an experienced lawyer to advocate for their rights. A family law attorney can help people to gather documentation and provide strong representation to advocate for their suitability.