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Recognizing domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

Sometimes, it can be difficult for people in Connecticut to recognize the signs of domestic abuse because it begins slowly. Often there is verbal and emotional abuse before there is physical abuse. This might include include threats, criticisms and accusations of infidelity.

People may also be financially abused. An abuser may control a person’s credit cards and refuse the person money for necessities. Abusers may cut a person off from friends and family. Sexual abuse can include coercion and refusal to use birth control. Physical abuse may include being locked out of the house, kicking or punching, or attacking someone with weapons. Abuse can happen to anyone, including to men and within the LGBTQ community. If the abuser is smaller physically than the victim, the latter might be targeted while sleeping or with a weapon.

People who are abused may want to contact a domestic violence hotline to discuss how to handle the situation. They should have a set of car keys hidden along with a bag that contains necessities. This might be kept at a friend’s house. They should also have a safety plan for emergencies. People who suspect that a friend is being abused might talk to the person about these concerns and find out how the person can be supported.

A person who is facing domestic abuse may want to contact an attorney. If the abuser has not been taken into custody, it may still be possible to get protective orders to keep the abuser away. If the abuser has been taken into custody by police and is facing charges, the attorney may also be able to offer legal options for protection.