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New service will aid victims of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

Residents of Connecticut may have heard the recent improvements to 911 services in the state. Now, a person in need of assistance can send a text message, rather than call a dispatcher. While this new technology is meant to assist persons who have a disability that makes phone calls difficult, it will also help victims of domestic violence summon help discreetly.

In some situations, a victim of domestic violence may decide calling for help is too risky. If the abuser overhears, it may make that individual even angrier and put the victim in further peril. If a person is being harmed and cannot escape, a text message can be sent to receive help.

Connecticut is one of the first states to update its 911 technology to handle text messages. A text message can be sent quickly and privately. Victims using this new method should include their name and location, if possible, and a text message with instructions of what to do until help arrives will be sent, also in text form. Governor Nancy Wyman praised the new technology as a life-saving advance in emergency communication.

Victim of domestic violence may be unsure of how to proceed. Even after an abuser has been apprehended, the victim may still be afraid and dread facing the accused individual in court. A compassionate attorney can help a victim take advantage of protections provided by law, and provide ongoing support at every stage of any legal proceedings. The new 911 technology is a step forward, and an experienced family law attorney can focus on ensuring that the call for help results in effective legal support.