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Police officers involved in domestic violence crime

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

When it comes to violent crime, Connecticut residents are surely aware that anyone can be a victim. Despite this knowledge, many people may feel truly shocked by recent headlines that tell the story of two police officers who now stand accused of domestic violence. The incident is a testament to the sad truth that lives can change in an instant when domestic situations get out of hand.

A local Connecticut police department was contacted by police from a neighboring jurisdiction informing them that two of their own officers had been involved in a domestic dispute that resulted in violence. According to reports, the pair had been arguing in their home about possible infidelity, and the dispute turned into a physical altercation. Though both the male and female parties admitted to hitting the other, reports state that the male went so far as to verbally threaten to kill the woman.

After the dust settled, the female officer was charged with disorderly conduct, while the male was charged with threatening, assault and disorderly conduct. Until the matter is brought before a court of law, the male officer was ordered by his superiors to surrender his weapon and not have any further contact with the female, who is currently being viewed as the victim in the case. Despite the fact that both are sworn to serve and protect, the incident proves that incidents of domestic violence are treated as serious crimes no matter who is involved.

Domestic violence can be a trying ordeal for victims and their families. Victims may be afraid to confirm reports because they fear an abuser, while others may hesitate to report these crimes because they feel a sense of love of loyalty for the abuser. Sometimes, it can be helpful to enlist the services of an attorney who has experience dealing with domestic violence. An attorney may be able to direct victims as they attempt to recover both physically and emotionally.