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Police aim to protect community from domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

Residents of Connecticut are surely aware that, when it comes to allegations of violent crime, law enforcement does their best to respond swiftly. Domestic violence is a crime that often seems to occur out of the blue with no forewarning. Due to the risk to potential victims, police respond to domestic violence calls with extra precautions.

Recently, police received a call that a man had threatened someone in his home. Police rushed to the residence but soon learned the suspect had fled into the surrounding neighborhood. The suspect was reported to be armed, and police feared the man would continue to threaten area residents.

For safety, the police quickly placed area schools and daycares on lockdown, in case the fleeing suspect attempted to enter the buildings where children were present. Fortunately, the police were able to locate the suspect and report that he was armed with what turned out to be a BB gun. He surrendered to law enforcement without attempting to evade capture again.

Victims of domestic violence may be afraid to try to escape an abusive situation. They may fear that no one will believe them, especially if there were no physical marks. This is certainly not the case. Connecticut victims may find it helpful to seek help from a compassionate attorney. An attorney may be able to help victims present their case against an abuser in a court of law, and stand by their side as they strive to prevent further abuse and begin the healing process.