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Mothers fear mental health treatment may affect child custody

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2018 | Child Custody |

Connecticut residents are likely aware that taking care of mental health issues is just as important as caring for one’s physical health. Health care providers are now aware that issues like anxiety and depression can affect an entire family, not just the person suffering from illness. A recent study shows that mothers are sometimes afraid to admit they may need mental health treatment because they fear it will affect child custody.

The study found that mothers often worry that if they admit they are suffering from a mental illness, another parent, family member or social service entity may determine that they are not capable of caring for their children. At a time when a mother is already suffering and stressed, the thought of losing her children can be an unbearable thought. Many people who may benefit from treatment do not seek help, and continue to try to manage their symptoms in secret.

If a mother does not seek help for a mental health issue, it may cause further trouble down the road. Parents need to be sure they have access to adequate treatment so they can give their family the best care possible. Though it can be frightening to take the first steps to getting help, a proper care plan can often alleviate some of the symptoms and situations that often accompany a mental illness.

Connecticut parents should never let child custody issues prevent them from seeking proper health. If a person is concerned about a child custody situation, one thing they can do is consult an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to advise parents as they attempt to seek help for mental issues without fearing that such issues will immediately result in the loss of custody of their children.