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Child support and paternity fraud are on the rise

On Behalf of | May 15, 2018 | Child Support |

Connecticut couples expecting a child have many exciting things to look forward to. Picking out nursery colors, acquiring all the necessary tiny items and choosing a name are just a few of the many tasks anticipated. The parents of the expected child may not be married, but that usually doesn’t lessen the excitement unless the mother has not been entirely honest or faithful. The paternity of the child could come into question, which may alter child custody and child support obligations.

Should a mother be have had more than one romantic partner around the time of conception, the question of paternity could come to be questioned. The relationship between the parents may be at jeopardy, but the relationship between the suspected father and child could be severed. When paternity is in question, obtaining a paternity test is imperative, especially considering that one in 10 children are not biologically related to the man that they call their father.

By signing one’s name on a birth certificate, the individual is taking legal and financial responsibility for the child. Should the relationship between the parents not work out, child support and custody almost always become an area of contention. If the child is not biologically related to the named father on the birth certificate, child support may still be an obligation, especially if child support payments have already been made.

Questioning the paternity of a child that one has always thought to be his can create an emotional roller coaster. The child along with the named father may suffer from learning the truth and the relationship broken beyond repair. Should a man suspect that he is not the father of a child that he is currently paying child support for, contacting a Connecticut attorney may help to gain an understanding about the process involved in seeking to vacate an existing court order.

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