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Spousal abuse leaves victims financially vulnerable

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

When one hears the words domestic abuse, many think of violent physical attacks. Although this stands to be true in many instances in Connecticut, financial abuse is often just as emotionally devastating. This aspect of spousal abuse can create the same feelings of isolation and vulnerability, especially as these instances occur behind closed doors and are often not discussed with family and close friends.

A woman in another state recalls how the abuse in her relationship escalated from emotional and financial to verbal, then physical and financial. The victim claims that her husband threatened her with filing kidnapping charges should she ever try to leave with the children. She also claims that he made it impossible for her to save any money to leave him.

After a physical attack landed the victim in her local emergency room, she learned through a police officer that financial abuse is a real thing and options are available to help victims find a way out of current circumstances. The victim was able to leave the abusive relationship and gain full custody of her children. Many other victims in this situation aren’t so lucky.

Spousal abuse can take shape in many ways with equally devastating and long-lasting effects for the victims. If domestic violence becomes an issue in a Connecticut relationship, seeking help from an experienced and understanding attorney can make a difference. With access to community resources and the ability to file restraining orders, custody and divorce claims, an attorney can be the first step to freedom.

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