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Unconventional child custody arrangements may be the new norm

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | Child Custody |

When a marriage dissolves, the life that once was thought to be forever is often broken apart and divided between the two spouses. Material possessions are often easy, but when children are involved, the process can be emotional and time consuming, and it may even escalate into an all-out child custody war. Many Connecticut parents who are going through a divorce are now opting to find new and creative ways to manage co-parenting that helps to make life more stable for the kids.

Untraditional custody arrangements are no longer being looked at as untraditional. Many parents are trying to find ways to keep the children happy in the midst of a divorce. Many mediators now encourage parents to come up with a parenting plan that fits the needs and wants of all family members involved.

Some parents have remained in the same house after the split and continue to eat dinner and share family time, even though the relationship between the adults is no longer romantic. One family purchased a house for their children to live in and the parents move in and out of the house, alternating every two weeks. Even though these arrangements may seem odd, they are slowly becoming more mainstream as custody of children shifts from sole custody going to the mother or father to cooperative parenting.

Finding new and more agreeable situations with regards to child custody is commendable but may lead to one parent legally beholden to certain responsibilities. A Connecticut attorney can provide legal advice to a parent going through a divorce who wishes to seek alternative child custody arrangements. By helping a client understand the potential legal outcomes and possible negative side effects, an attorney can prepare a parent to move forward with confidence that the choice being made is both legally sound and in the best interest of the children.

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