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Connecticut man taken into custody after domestic violence call

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

Most people who do not suffer from the abuse at the hands of another assume that the violence takes place between spouses or those in an intimate relationship. Anyone can suffer from domestic violence, as it can happen to anyone in a domestic setting, like a marriage or cohabitation. One Connecticut man was recently taken into custody after allegedly assaulting his mother and fleeing the scene.

The police were called by the 59-year-old woman after an an argument with her son about his lack of rent payment. When the argument became heated, the woman tried to call the police, but her son pushed her down. She then fled to her bedroom, locking herself in. He followed her and broke through the door. The man then allegedly took the phone from his mother and hit her several times in the head with it and then ran from the house.

Police interviewed neighbors and tracked the man to a local church where police believed he was hiding. Church employees allowed the police to search the premises. Authorities found the man hiding in an office and took the suspect into custody. The church is also the location of a daycare and playschool. Thankfully, no children were injured, and they knew nothing about the event taking place outside of their classrooms.

Victims of domestic violence aren’t necessarily spouses or ones involved in an intimate relationship. Connecticut residents who find themselves suffering violence at the hands of another can seek safety and legal recourse. An attorney can help victims file for a restraining order and a divorce, if applicable

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