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Victims of domestic violence deserve help

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

Relationships and marriages may end for any number of reasons, but none may be quite so upsetting or dangerous as abuse. Domestic violence is an extremely sensitive topic that can be difficult to discuss, but victims of abuse can seek protection through Connecticut’s legal system. In most cases, protections against an abusive partner or ex can be put into place even in the absence of an arrest.

When seeking court-ordered protection, showing proof of abuse or threats can be difficult and emotionally overwhelming. However, doing so is often necessary for obtaining restraining orders. In cases where proof is not immediately available or there is otherwise an emergency situation, courts may issue an emergency restraining order that goes into effect on that same day.

Direct, physical abuse is not always necessary for obtaining a restraining order. Many instances of domestic violence involve emotional abuse or threats of physical violence. When victims endure ongoing threats to their safety and, in some instances, the safety of their children, a court-ordered restraining order can be essential.

Coming forward about domestic violence in your life can be overwhelming. Although there are protections for victims of abuse, Connecticut family law can be incredibly complicated, and the prospect of dealing with court-related alone can be enough to keep some victims from seeking the help they need. If you feel threatened by a spouse, significant other or ex, you have options at your disposal for ensuring your safety, and you do not have to proceed down this road alone.