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January is the month for Connecticut divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2018 | Divorce |

It is a well-known fact among many Connecticut attorneys and family court officials that January is a season of separation. Divorce filings seem to skyrocket in the month of January, and the reasons are as scattered as the wrapping paper on Christmas morning. With New Year’s resolutions being made, the need for changes in one’s life may spark the desire for ending a marriage that has been riddled with issues for some time.

Many marriage counselors believe that the dynamics of a relationship play a huge part in the decision to separate from a spouse. One therapist notes that couples usually seek counseling or a divorce after a problem has been persistent in the marriage for about seven years. Add to the persistent problem the stresses and financial shortfalls that the holiday season can bring, and couples feel the compounded stresses as a beacon calling for calming waters.

Money and the holidays are not the only factors that push many couples to seek counseling or divorce. The everyday exhaustion that children can bring to a relationship can complicate an already complicated issue. Kids can also lead to a lack of intimacy within a relationship.

Regardless of the reason or the season, a divorce may be a necessity for a couple who can no longer work towards a future together. When dissolving the marriage seems like the only solution, contacting a Connecticut attorney should be the next step. An experienced family law attorney can help spouses to understand the steps involved in filing for divorce and make sure that when they leave their marriages, they are leaving with what is fairly and rightfully theirs.

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