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Child support isn’t in arrears until a payment is missed

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2018 | Child Support |

For many Connecticut couples, remaining together in a relationship is not an option. When children are a part of the relationship, one parent may be ordered to pay child support to help the custodial parent with the financial aspect of raising the children. When circumstances prevent an obligated parent from making payments, legal recourse is an option for the parent who is left financially hurting. But in most circumstances, a court will not act on a petition for relief until the obligated parent has missed a payment.

A judge has dismissed claims made by Harvey Weinstein’s ex-wife. She feared that the disgraced movie director would fall behind on child support payments in light of the many sexual harassment claims made against him. Eve Chilton, Weinstein’s ex, fears he will be broke soon and not be able to make the remaining $5 million in payments he owes and wants that money to be set aside for her benefit. 

The judge, who made the ruling in Manhattan, determined that the 65-year-old father has not once missed a child support payment. This finding persuaded the judge that Weinstein would not miss one in the future. Ruled that Chilton must wait until Weinstein actually misses a payment.

Should a noncustodial parent find that he or she is unable to make required child support payments, a petition to modify an existing court order is advisable. Simply missing a payment should not be an option. Whether seeking to enforce or modify an existing child support order, the support and guidance of a Connecticut family law attorney is typically a wise choice.

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