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Subcontractors make child support hard to collect in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2017 | Child Support |

When a relationship involving children dissolves, many questions surface regarding the care and financial obligations necessary to provide for the kids. Child support is often agreed upon or court-ordered, but some Connecticut parents are still finding ways to avoid making the payments. Working as a subcontractor has long been a means for many court-ordered parents to avoid having their wages garnished after failing to make court-ordered payments.

A woman in another state has found herself with limited options in regard to getting child support payments from her ex-husband. She says that her ex works a ride-share driver and is classified as a subcontractor. This means that the worker is responsible for taxes, reporting and court issues, like child support and tax liens. The order of assignment bypasses the company who would normally garnish his or her wages and goes directly to the driver.

Parents who are providing the financial and primary care for their children are told that they still have options, like making an appeal through their state’s family court. This process can be lengthy and often incurs more legal fees. Lawmakers are currently looking at the classification of ride-share drivers to see if they could be categorized as W-2 employees. Parents owed child support want lawmakers to require companies that use subcontractors to garnish wages based on income paid. They argue that technology is available to do so and should be utilized.

In general, child support laws can be tricky to understand, especially if one has never had to navigate such issues or dealt with nonconventional payment methods. Obtaining or disputing a child support order may take legal expertise. Enlisting the help of an experienced family law attorney can help those in need of legal assistance understand their options under Connecticut law.

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