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Connecticut dads are winning child custody cases

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2017 | Child Custody |

Connecticut couples going through a divorce can find the experience emotionally taxing. When children are involved, the preference of the court for child custody has usually favored the mother, but fathers are beginning to present a case for themselves and are challenging the norm. As judges take a closer look at the family life prior to the split, dads are getting full custody more than one might assume.

A few ways a father can present a more compelling case to a judge during a custody hearing is to let the judge know the depth the father’s involvement with the children, both before the split and during. Keeping a record of all activities that are done with the children can help to show consistency and how often a dad is with the kids. Holding on to all documents that show financial support that has been provided to help care for them can also be helpful.

Any emotionally invested endeavor can cause tempers to flare, and child custody is no different. Avoiding physical and verbal confrontations with an ex-spouse, especially in front of the kids, is crucial. Keeping communication with an ex-spouse to written form may be best.

As fathers begin to take more of a primary caregiver role in their children’s lives, few reasons exist as to why dads shouldn’t continue to be an active part of their kid’s lives. Sometimes the path to full or shared child custody is not easy, and court may be the only option. A Connecticut attorney can help clear the path and provide resources for single dads.

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