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Child custody battle could have Connecticut parents fleeing

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2017 | Child Custody |

When the issue of divorce or separation becomes the elephant in the room for couples and children are involved, a bitter battle may ensue. Some parents will go as far as breaking the law to keep a child from the other parent. Connecticut parents caught up in a child custody case can find themselves searching for their child and the missing ex-partner when the custody battle heats up.

A young mother in another state has recently been found after fleeing with her young son. For four months the 19-year-old mother was on the run to avoid shared custody with her ex-husband. Authorities believe that the woman’s parents aided her in the abduction and gave authorities inaccurate statements and misleading information.

Police believe that the parents of the woman learned of the joint custody decision and helped her to flee. They then reported her and the 1-year-old baby missing. During the search for mother and son, the ex-husband was awarded sole custody of the child.

Should a Connecticut resident find find him or herself going through a divorce or a breakup with a partner and children are involved, it is often recommended to seek the advice and legal counsel of a knowledgeable family law attorney. Should a situation arise when the child is being kept from one parent, aggressive legal action may be required. Understanding parental rights during a child custody dispute and filing the proper paperwork can put into place a series of steps that will help protect the parent and child.

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