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A toxic divorce in Connecticut can be an emotional roller coaster

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2017 | Divorce |

When a relationship has run its course and a couple decides they can no longer move forward together, separating is usually the next step to follow. As the marriage dissolves, most Connecticut couples find it in their best interest to find a common ground and make the divorce amicable. Instances can come up where one spouse will make the process of severing all ties hurtful, harmful and toxic.

Some spouse may become very combative, verbally and emotionally, when presented with a divorce. For whatever reason, they begin to use any and all means necessary to exert some control over the situation or make the separation as difficult as possible. Dragging out court battles, hiding assets to dwindle down alimony or using the children to relay unpleasant messages are just some tactics a narcissist will employ.

To help ease the stress and emotional upset for the non-confrontational spouse, obtaining a restraining order may be necessary, especially if one feels that his or her personal safety is in jeopardy. To help avoid the backfiring of verbal agreements, it may be well advised to limit all interactions with the ex-spouse o written form. This could be used in court if needed.

Should a divorce be in the near future for a couple, spouses can take steps now to ensure that the split can go as smoothly as can be expected for a separation. Collecting all financial information as soon as possible, avoiding personal intimidation tactics and possibly seeking a restraining order may help to tamper down the emotional stress. Seeking the aid of a Connecticut attorney who will offer sound legal advice and strategies can help to protect the non-combative spouse and any children involved.

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