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Feeling like divorce is unfair? This might help.

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2017 | Divorce |

Some Connecticut couples decide that the best solution to their marital problems is to sever their legal ties in court. What leads to one divorce may be entirely different the issues underlying another one. There are, however, certain emotions and feelings that many people say they experience when navigating the divorce process, regardless of how they wound up in court.

At the top of the list is feeling that the situation is unfair. Some say, if left to linger, this type of emotion can quickly turn into a downward spiral that keeps people from moving forward in life. Many people fall into depression and begin to let resentment, anger and disappointment guide their actions, which can lead to a number of additional problems.

There are several things a person can do to move past feelings of unfairness in divorce. These include making a written list of all the things he or she believes are unfair. The simple act of making a written list is seen as therapeutic and productive toward healing emotional wounds. Once the list created, it makes sense to review it to figure out what decisions can be made to resolve the issues identified.

Sometimes, what seems unfair is an emotional issue, such as a former spouse’s new love life. Other times, however, there may actually be some sort of legal situation occurring in the divorce that is impeding one’s ability to move ahead. In those circumstances, an experienced Connecticut family law attorney can help determine how best to proceed to rectify the situation.

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