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Father of two in another state winds up in jail after divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2017 | Divorce |

Since not every marriage lasts a lifetime, it’s crucial that Connecticut residents and those in other states know where to turn for support when problems arise. This is especially true for spouses who determine that divorce is their most viable option to resolving the differences between them. In fact, many people navigate challenges in divorce that are just as stressful (if not more) than the problems they faced during marriage.

There’s a man in another state who actually wound up in jail after his former wife filed a complaint that he had disobeyed an existing parenting agreement. The father of two had recently taken his children on a small vacation to celebrate the Independence Day holiday in July. He and the kids reportedly spent the weekend with the children’s paternal grandparents.

Upon his return, the man was shocked beyond measure when, after a brief hearing, police slapped handcuffs on him and booked him into jail. He said he was even made to strip off his clothing as if he were a criminal. He spent six days and nights behind bars before being released.

The situation occurred because his former wife told the court the parenting agreement between them stated he could keep the children through the weekend if the Independence Day holiday happened to fall on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. In this case, however, the holiday was on a Monday, but the man had vacationed with his kids throughout the entire weekend. If anyone in Connecticut is currently facing similar issues in divorce (even if it doesn’t involve possible jail  time) a family law attorney may be able to help obtain a swift and fair solution to the problem.

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