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Domestic violence allegations stall Tavon Wilson’s summer break

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2017 | Domestic Violence |

Connecticut football fans may have heard that several NFL players from one team have been having an apparently rough summer so far. One was suspended for controlled substance violations and another, safety Tavon Wilson, has been sued over an alleged domestic violence incident. The situation is complicated as police reports don’t exactly line up with the allegations contained in the lawsuit.

The claim states that the mother of Wilson’s child, who also happens to be Wilson’s former girlfriend was knocked down on the ground and punched in her face by the professional football player. The woman also claims Wilson broke her nose. However, police records say she was actually the one who was arrested at the time the incident supposedly took place.

Wilson’s attorney says the Detroit Lions starting safety was merely a witness to the events as they unfolded, not the perpetrator of domestic violence. Team officials declined to make a public statement regarding the situation other than to acknowledge their awareness of it. Many times, inconsistencies in stories with respect to personal injury claims lead to cases being dismissed from court.

It remains to be seen how the Wilson situation will be resolved and/or whether it will affect his NFL career in any way. Anyone in Connecticut who believes wrongful accusations have been made against him or her has every right to consult an experienced family law attorney, particularly if there are concerns about child custody and/or visitation rights. There are typically several options available to rectify domestic violence problems, and an attorney can help determine which one best suits a particular situation.

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