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Is it or is it not a domestic violence incident?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2017 | Domestic Violence |

There are various types of relationships, many of which can be quite complicated. From married couples in Connecticut, to parent/child connections, romantic relationships and siblings or step-family situations, people often struggle to get along. When arguments arise or relationship problems escalate, allegations of a domestic violence incident may be made.

Yale University conducted a particular study on numerous domestic violence issues. At least 300 women said they were abused by intimate male partners. Twenty-four percent of participants said their abuse involved being held at gunpoint.

The Yale study also probed potential lasting effects of domestic violence, including possible post-traumatic stress disorder. It is thought that PTSD is intensified when firearms are involved in these circumstances. As devastating as being a victim of domestic violence can be, it’s also devastating to be falsely accused of such crimes. Even when a person knows he or she is innocent of all charges, the mere fact that allegations have been asserted can negatively impact his or her private and professional reputation.

An experienced Connecticut family law attorney understands the ins and outs of the adjudication process as it may relate to a domestic violence incident. Victims often feel frightened and confused, and obtaining outside support may be crucial to their well-beings. An attorney can help protect a victim’s rights and see to it that justice is served in court. A family law attorney may also be able to connect a domestic violence victim to other resources that can be of great personal value during such times.

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