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Alex Jones’ former wife asks for sole or joint custody of kids

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2017 | Child Custody |

Before a Connecticut court hands down a decision regarding children and divorce, there’s often a lot of back-and-forth between parents in the courtroom. Typically, a judge listens to testimony and makes an informed decision based on existing laws, guidelines and children’s best interests. Some situations are quite contentious, such as a current battle between Infowars star, Alex Jones, and his former wife, who seeks sole or joint custody of their three children.

A divorce case manager testified recently that Jones is very compliant and only wants what the “experts” say is best for his kids. Jones was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. He was advised to seek counseling, and the court was informed that he indeed followed that advice.

A minor eruption took place in the courtroom during Wednesday’s proceedings. Jones’ former wife’s attorney told the judge it was upsetting that Jones kept staring and sneering at him in court. The judge ordered a change of seats to resolve the issue.

So far, Jones has taken the stand but was only questioned by his own attorney. That will change on an upcoming Thursday, however, when his former wife’s attorney will be given the same opportunity. One never knows what the other side will throw at him or her on the witness stand.

This is one of many reasons many Connecticut residents in similar situations as Jones choose to rely on highly experienced representation in court. A good family law attorney is always on alert and can often quickly diffuse another attorney’s argument by launching a counterattack or raising issues that sway the court in a client’s favor. Most parents facing sole or joint custody issues are not celebrities like Jones, although many still need aggressive assistance when trying to obtain positive outcomes.

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