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Sunny von Bulow website serves victims of spousal abuse

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2017 | Domestic Violence |

There’s no telling how many people in Connecticut have suffered physical and/or mental harm at the hands of their own husbands or wives. Spousal abuse remains a significant concern in many households throughout the nation. A website launched in memory of Sunny von Bulow is one of many resources available that provide information and assistance to victims of domestic violence.

Typically, those trying to escape and seek justice in such circumstances face many challenges along the way. Above and beyond the roller-coaster of emotions that often accompanies such situations, victims of spousal violence are often in need of immediate protection. Many feel completely alone and overwhelmed, unsure about where to turn for help.

In addition to various websites, victim advocacy organizations and other outside resources, law enforcement agents and family law attorneys can be tremendous assets to someone seeking immediate protection from an abusive situation. The court has the power to issue a protective order to restrict a particular person’s whereabouts so he or she can not come within a certain distance of a specified individual. Such orders can be issued on an emergency and temporary basis, or permanent, depending on individual circumstances.

Those seeking help with spousal abuse issues are usually under a lot of stress. Navigating the system on one’s own is possible, but not advisable, since filing paperwork, going to court and researching Connecticut law on such matters can create further anxiety. An experienced attorney is able to act as a personal advocate, not only to seek an immediate order of protection, but throughout any legal process that unfolds in connection with a particular incident.

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