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Divorce in Connecticut: Minimizing the negative aspects

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2017 | Divorce |

Most people who get married in Connecticut (or elsewhere) assume their unions will last for the rest of their lives. While some couples go on to celebrate their golden wedding anniversaries and beyond, others wind up in divorce court a decade or so after their wedding days. The challenges and long-lasting effects of dissolving a marriage can be many. However, it is often possible to mitigate negative circumstances and achieve agreeable outcomes that help all involved move toward successful, happy futures.

Situations involving children are often the most challenging when it comes to divorce. So many decisions need to be made, yet former spouses often find themselves on opposite sides of an issue. When a communication breakdown has occurred (which is often a causal factor in a marital split to begin with) it can seem nearly impossible to resolve issues surrounding child custody, support or visitation rights without third party intervention.

Starting over again as a single person after years of marriage can be quite daunting. If you gave up a career to stay home and care for children, the stress of the situation may be compounded by immediate financial problems if you’re without a full-time source of income. In such circumstances, many people request spousal support to help make ends meet as they seek gainful employment for themselves.

Regardless what particular issue needs addressed during divorce proceedings, the Law Office of Robert A. Skovgaard is prepared to assist clients in various Connecticut regions, including Greenwich, Stamford and Trumbull. By acting alongside experienced representation, you can avoid contentious courtroom battles and obtain fair and agreeable solutions to your current divorce-related problems. We are committed to acting on your behalf to protect your parental rights and help you achieve a settlement that keeps your children’s best interests at heart.