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Robin Thicke accused of abuse in child custody battle

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2017 | Child Custody |

Hip Hop star Robin Thicke says he and his former wife, Paula Patton, agreed on spanking as a form of discipline for their son and adamantly swears that he has not exceeded the boundaries they set during their marriage. Patton appears to think otherwise and has gone back to court to request that an existing child custody order be modified. Hollywood fans in Connecticut are likely following the situation.

Robin Thicke is well known as the son of now deceased actor, Alan Thicke. In fact, the younger Thicke claims his father is part of the reason his former wife has come out fighting with regard to their son. He said she never liked his father and was not invited to his funeral services. He believes she is now making up stories as an act of revenge for being excluded. He claims that she wanted the public exposure from her presence at the burial might have garnered.

On a recent Thursday morning, a judge denied Patton’s request. An investigation by the Department of Children and Family Services remains open for now. Allegedly, initial concerns were said to have been raised by the child’s teachers who apparently told his mother he had mentioned getting spanked by his father on several occasions.

It was shortly thereafter that Patton filed for an emergency court order, requesting the judge remove Thicke’s overnight visits with his son. When a child custody battle is being aired in public, it can make matters all the more difficult. In Connecticut and elsewhere, even when no celebrities are involved, such situations often evoke highly charged emotions on both sides. Typically, agreeable solutions can only be found through experienced representation.

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