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No one is completely safe from domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2017 | Domestic Violence |

One might think that certain segments of the population are safe from the dangers that can befall other families. However, that is not true when the danger one is considering is domestic violence. Even those charged with protecting others from this serious social problem can place themselves on the wrong side of the law as one Connecticut police officer recently discovered.

Officials stated that the officer in question is an experienced employee with more than a decade of service to her community. The woman who was initially charged had arrested a man for the same offense only hours before her own incident. She was quoted as part of her role for a reality series that domestic abuse calls were one of the most hazardous situations in her profession. The man she arrested was placed in custody and ordered to hand over any weapons in his possession as dictated by state law.

Hours after that arrest, the female officer purportedly illegally gained access to her former boyfriend’s residence and then assaulted him. She was accused of physically attacking the man after reportedly witnessing him in the company of another female. She was arrested and also ordered to hand in her own weapons, including her service weapon.

The officer avoided any serious consequences after successfully completing a court-mandated education program on domestic violence. The court elected to drop the charges that her former boyfriend lodged against her, and she may be returned to full duty as a Connecticut police officer. Her former boyfriend did exercise his rights as a domestic violence victim to file a complaint against her, and the criminal justice system then made a determination as to what options were best suited to this situation. However, anyone who has been a victim of this serious offense may seek the advice of a family law attorney in order to best ensure one’s safety in the future.

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