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Don’t mistake physical custody for legal custody

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2017 | Child Custody |

Some parents in Connecticut may be among others who have misinterpreted various legal terms pertaining to child-related issues in divorce. One area that tends to be confusing is that of physical and/or legal custody issues. If you’ve been under the impression these are one in the same, you are certainly not the first to be mistaken.

Generally speaking, physical custody refers to which parent actually lives with a child after divorce. In some situations, there is joint physical custody, meaning the child lives off and on with both parents on a rotating schedule. Legal custody, on the other hand, has to do with decision-making authority regarding various important life-situations, such as education, health or religion.

If one is not certain who has legal custody in a particular situation, a request for clarification may be sought through experienced legal counsel. The Law Office of Robert A. Skovgaard in Connecticut provides a clear explanation based on keen understanding of state and federal laws that govern such matters. We understand your children’s best interests are of paramount importance to you and aim to see that your rights are protected in all custody-related issues.

Whether you’ve been granted legal custody and are facing complications regarding your arrangement or are seeking modification of an existing court order in Connecticut, The Law Office of Robert A. Skovgaard can guide you toward a fair and agreeable outcome by providing sound counsel and effective representation on your behalf. We are also prepared to aggressively litigate any issue that warrants it, as this is often the only logical means for obtaining successful results.