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Connecticut domestic violence can take many forms

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2016 | Domestic Violence |

In spite of the fact that the family unit has undergone many changes over the past several decades, one thing remains the same — everyone is entitled to safety and peace of mind no matter the type of family relationship. One of the sad realities of life is that domestic violence remains a problem throughout the nation, and Connecticut is no exception. There are many types of abuse, and victims frequently experience more than one form in an abusive relationship.

Unfortunately, domestic violence is an equal opportunity offense, with no one being immune to the possibility of becoming a victim. Sometimes, it can difficult for an outsider to discern the signs. One of the hallmarks of abuse is the fact that the alleged abuser uses different types of power in order to exert control over the victim. Physical violence of all kinds is the most common type of abuse that comes to mind, but intimidation, isolation, sexual violence and financial control can each be a form of abuse.

There may be others who suffer whenever domestic abuse is part of a relationship. Any children in the home are negatively impacted when a parent or other guardian is a victim of abuse. In addition, there are also situations where one is falsely accused of being an abuser. That can have far-reaching implications, including the possibility that the falsely accused individual loses his or her reputation, job and/or housing.

Connecticut has provided victims of domestic violence many avenues of assistance in order to get back to a sense of safety and security. However, simply seeking relief from the violence may not be enough, and one needs to decide how best to ensure his or her safety — as well as the safety of any children involved. Any individual who is in need of professional assistance can seek the assistance of a family law attorney. The lawyer can provide further information regarding how best to ensure that one’s well-being is protected going forward.

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