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Child support owed by reportedly reluctant adoptive parent

In today's society, many Connecticut marriages include children from previous relationships. Sometimes the other biological parent remains a part of the children's lives; however, sometimes that parent has no contact with the children. In this case, it may be in the family's best interest for the stepparent to adopt the children, which can provide a sense of family and belonging, and it can also open the door to child support issues in the event of a divorce.

Recently, a banker who had been a part of his son's life since the boy was 4 months old filed a motion to reverse the adoption of the child. After dating for several years, the man and the boy's mother were married. According to the mother, her now ex-husband asked to adopt the boy, and the process was completed in 2011.

Husband and wife have now divorced, and the mother claims that the ex-husband is attempting to reverse the adoption in an attempt to not pay child support. She also states that the boy has attempted to contact his father; however, his messages have been blocked. The father currently owes approximately $20,000, and he has been threatened with jail time if he does not pay. The ex-husband is claiming that the adoption was based upon fraudulent information.

When a child is adopted, the adoptive parent becomes that child's parent. In this case, the ex-husband is considered to be this child's father, and he, therefore, owes child support to assist in taking care of the child. Connecticut families who find themselves facing similar child support issues do have legal options available to them.

Source: New York Post, "Banker accused of trying to 'un-adopt' son in bid to avoid child support", Julia Marsh, Nov. 2, 2016

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