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Divorce and the decisions that come with it

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2016 | Divorce |

The decision has been made, and it is time to move on. This scenario plays out almost daily across Connecticut. Every day, couples make the decision to divorce and move on with their lives.

With the decision to divorce come a number of other decisions that must be considered. For some, this decision is the freedom needed to begin a new life. In this case, the individual may decide to withdraw money to splurge and buy a new car or go on a vacation. However, one might want to think twice about doing this prior to the divorce being finalized. In some instances, these actions could appear as if the individual were attempting to hide assets from the other party.

Another area of consideration is the possibility of re-entering the work force. If one of the soon to be ex-spouses has been out of the work force for an extended period of time, he or she may suddenly find that he or she needs to brush up on skills and find employment. Many individuals think that it would be best to wait until the dust settles and the distractions of the divorce are no longer present. However, this may simply prolong the inevitable and waste valuable time.

Divorce is a fact of life for many Connecticut couples. As they are deciding that this is the appropriate option for their circumstances, there are a number of other decisions that they will need to make. Many times, the individual will find it helpful to consult with legal experts prior to making these important decisions.

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