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September 2016 Archives

Marriage, divorce and prenuptial agreements

The prenuptial agreement is perhaps one of the most controversial parts of planning a wedding. Some people view the prenuptial agreement as planning for the end of the marriage; however, the prudent Connecticut couple looks at it as planning for success. While it may not be the most romantic part of the marital celebration, it is important because it is an essential tool in discussing views on finances, marital property, expectations and even children. As an added bonus, in the event of a divorce, this agreement will then serve as a tool in distributing assets and liabilities.

Connecticut child custody agreements and Amanda Stanton's story

Some of the most contentious issues in any Connecticut divorce revolve around the children. Each parent has his or her own idea regarding which parent the children should live with and how the children should be raised. While many parents are able to negotiate an agreement that allows them to work together in the best interest of the children, some parents are not. When this happens, child custody issues can become a concern.

Connecticut couples: Divorce and financial assets

As one ages, there are a multitude of financial decisions to be made. Each individual must decide the amount to be contributed to a retirement account, the amount to be set aside for emergencies, the amount that can be spent on housing expenses as well as many other such financial issues. Then, when a Connecticut couple decides to divorce, these same decisions can carry even more weight.

Connecticut children of divorce often succeed in their marriages

The decision whether to remain in an unhappy marriage is often a difficult one for Connecticut couples to make. When deciding if divorce is the best option, there are many things that the couple generally take into account. While financial implications may be an important consideration, how a divorce will affect the children is often a primary concern.