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Divorce finalized between Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2016 | Divorce |

Music fans may already be aware of one particularly high-profile divorce taking place right now. Connecticut residents familiar with former pop star Mandy Moore and her alt-rock husband Ryan Adams may already know the couple has been involved in ongoing divorce proceedings. Recently, a settlement was finalized. The couple is now concluding agreements pertaining to the division of their assets.

They were married in 2010 and announced their decision to end their marriage in January 2015. Since then, their proceedings have been somewhat contentious, with Moore requesting spousal support of some $37,000 a month. The couple also struggled with custody of their eight pets as well as some of their larger assets. 

Thankfully for all involved, they have managed to come to a mutually-beneficial arrangement. Neither party will seek spousal support, and Moore will receive most of their property and a shared vehicle. Adams will reportedly keep several expensive items, including vintage arcade machines and two luxury vehicles. He has also agreed to a one-time payment of $465,000 to Moore. 

Obviously, most Connecticut residents considering divorce will not be dealing with sums of money and property of this value. However, the lessons learned in this celebrity divorce proceeding can be applied to most anyone: there will almost always be difficult issues that come up in a divorce. It is up to both parties to seek out the support necessary to gain an understanding of their rights and responsibilities under the law in a joint effort to ensure that each party moves forward in their lives in a happier, healthier direction. 

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