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April 2016 Archives

Mitigating financial concerns in grey divorce

It is a well-known fact that the end of a marriage can have financial repercussions for both spouses, both immediately and moving forward. This is even more true for Connecticut residents going through grey divorces, or divorce after age 50. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to mitigate any financial concerns the divorce might bring up. 

Lessening the strain of divorce in Connecticut

The manner in which marriages end can range from amicable agreements between people who find they have grown apart to grudge matches that rival the most bitter reality television drama. Connecticut residents know the experience of divorce varies from couple to couple, but, in the end, very few people actively want to draw out the process. This is why it is important to consider retaining the services of professionals who can help ease the path. 

Gray divorce can be financially problematic

As life expectancies continues to rise, more and more retirement-aged Americans are finding themselves dissatisfied with their long-term marriages. As a result, so-called gray divorce is spiking, with one in four divorces happening between individuals over 50. Since 1990, the gray divorce rate in Connecticut and the rest of the country has actually doubled. This can spell problems for both parties involved. 

Divorce is a difficult goal to achieve

It is no secret that divorce can be difficult on both parties involved, not to mention any children that might have resulted from the union. Here in Connecticut, it is easy for individuals involved in a divorce to find resources to help them through this difficult transition. However, there are pitfalls that are best avoided by anyone seeking to end his or her marriage. 

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