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March 2016 Archives

Careful consideration required about mortgage in divorce

Added to the many emotional challenges of a divorce, some vital financial decisions must be made. Homeowners in Connecticut have to try and put emotions aside when considering what to do about the mortgage in a divorce. Although one spouse -- often the mother -- may want to keep the house for the sake of the children, it may not be the most appropriate financial decision.

Divorce: Bethenny Frankel's ex no longer to receive support

When Connecticut couples draft prenuptial agreements before they get married, it is important to make sure that the documents meet legal requirements. The language of such an agreement may indicate something different to what the couple intended, and this may lead to contention or even unanticipated litigation in the event of a divorce. The reality star Bethenny Frankel recently won an appeal against an earlier ruling that ordered her to pay her ex-husband almost $12,000 in temporary alimony.

Things to consider during a divorce

Well-known statistics suggest that many marriages do not reflect "till death do us part" as marital separations and divorces are common in America today. However, what Connecticut residents experiencing a divorce can avow, there is a lot more to ending a marriage than signing paperwork. It can be helpful to be prepared in advance with a checklist of to-do's that might include some of the following. 

Is a parenting plan really necessary in an amicable divorce?

Connecticut parents who are going through a divorce naturally have concerns about what will happen to their children. Parenting plans must be drafted as part of a divorce agreement, and those people who have amicable relationships with their soon-to-be exes may think a detailed plan unnecessary. However, circumstances and relationships change, and a parenting plan may turn out to be a vital tool.

Steps to take when conducting a divorce

Ending a marriage can be a traumatic experience for both parties involved. However, as some Connecticut residents are already aware, divorce can also be navigated with a degree of savvy that may allow one or both individuals to move foward more quickly and efficiently. Here are some ways to avoid common divorce-related pitfalls that can waylay a separation agreement.