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February 2016 Archives

Financial planning during and after a divorce

A divorce can play havoc with the finances of both individuals involved in the separation. This is particularly true of couples who have children, but any Connecticut resident that has experienced divorce can attest to the financial strain it can put on the present and the future. Thankfully, there are ways to prepare for the upheaval in finances a divorce can present. 

Avoiding financial mistakes in divorce

There is a lot to think about in a divorce. Connecticut residents who have gone through divorce will attest that it can be a balancing act to ensure all bases are covered, particularly when it comes to the financial aspects of a separation. However, with the help of qualified professionals, both individuals involved in a divorce should be able to come through it relatively efficiently as long as they keep on top of their personal responsibilities. 

Protecting finances in divorce

It is no secret that finances can be among the most contentious issues faced by individuals embarking on ending their marriage. Leaving aside the financial cost of divorce, Connecticut residents can agree that fighting over money is a commonplace event for separated couples. Thankfully, there are ways for both parties to be better prepared for the challenges they will face on the road to single life.

Preparing financially for divorce

There are many possible divorce issues that a couple can face during the course of their settlement negotiations. However, financial issues often top the list in terms of stress and rancor. Connecticut residents who have experienced divorce already know that coming to the negotiation table prepared to handle financial issues is a good way to ensure a divorce takes less time and is less stressful for both involved.