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January 2016 Archives

Assessing the financial impact of late-life divorce

By now, most people have heard of the phenomenon popularly referred to as grey divorce, in which Americans over the age of 50 are choosing to end marriages of 20 years or more. Here in Connecticut, residents going through grey divorce may feel overwhelmed by such a monumental change right before retirement. Thankfully, there are strategies for handling the issues unique to grey divorce that most people will encounter.

Navigating social media during divorce

In a world dominated by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a host of other social media outlets, it seems many people's lives are on display for all to see. However, as some Connecticut residents have probably determined, this is not the best way to conduct oneself in the midst of a divorce. There are several pitfalls that can be avoided, however, through self control and professional support. 

Protection can be obtained against spousal abuse

Millions of people nationwide, including here in Connecticut, are victims of domestic violence. Spousal abuse often goes unnoticed, minimized or ignored by others because -- in many cases -- it is not physical violence but other forms of abuse. Victims of such abuse often avoid reporting it because they fear for their own safety and the safety of their children.

Preparing for divorce in the new year

It is generally known that January has been deemed "divorce month" by some attorneys, given the high number of people who choose to wait until after the holidays before formally beginning the divorce process. Even in the midst of the holidays, however, it's a good idea to prepare ahead of time for an upcoming divorce in Connecticut. Here are some things to keep in mind.