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October 2015 Archives

Understanding divorce process is crucial for those involved

The end of a marriage can be a devastating blow to both individuals involved, not to mention any children that may also be part of the family unit. Connecticut residents are probably not surprised to note that divorce can also be a complicated process. Combined with the emotional upheaval of the scenario, some people may be tempted to disengage from the process altogether. However, some experts agree that staying involved throughout the process can make a significant difference in the outcome of a divorce settlement. 

Prisoners and their families face child support challenges

Of the 2.2. million people in the United States currently in prison, roughly half are parents. Connecticut residents may be surprised to hear that one in five of those individuals are responsible for child support payments. This can become a very difficult responsibility to live up to when behind bars, and it can cause financial strain on the family left outside.

Preparing in advance for divorce can save problems later

In the event of a marriage ending, emotions and logistical responsibilities run high for both spouses. Anyone in Connecticut who has ever experienced divorce knows that details can get missed, sometimes very important things that can have repercussions in the future. That's why some divorce experts recommend developing a "divorce check list" to ensure that all the important bases have been covered before beginning the process. 

Seeking support in divorce can be beneficial

The end of a marriage is a complicated, emotional event. Connecticut residents who have experienced divorce understand that in addition to the complex feelings associated with the process, it can also be challenging to understand the nuances of divorce law. This is why some experts suggest it could be beneficial to some individuals to seek out the support of legal counsel if their divorce heads to the courtroom. 

Sweeting and Cuoco divorce sheds light on prenuptial agreements

Celebrity divorce is a hot topic for publications of a certain type, as they tend to be dramatic and titillating gossip sources. Sometimes, however, a celebrity couple will bring attention to an aspect of divorce not often considered by Connecticut residents in general. The divorce of television star Kaley Cuoco from her tennis star husband Ryan Sweeting is one such case. 

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