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July 2015 Archives

Likelihood of divorce increases with age of couple, study says

A new study suggests that the longer one waits for marriage, the more likely it is that marriage will end prematurely. Connecticut residents might be interested to hear about this study, conducted by a psychologist at an out-of-state university. The study seems to suggest that marrying after the age of 30 could increase the chances of divorce

Can Internet infidelity be used against a spouse in divorce?

There have been several media sources warning spouses to be selective about what personal information they post on social media and other Internet sites. Connecticut spouses may be among those who are concerned about reports that the Ashley Madison website had been hacked and whether the information obtained can be used against them in a divorce. Ashley Madison is a discreet online destination that facilitates extramarital affairs.

The challenges of financial planning in Connecticut after divorce

As in other areas in the nation, Connecticut is not without its share of couples who sever their marital ties. There are myriad divorce issues that can pose a challenge to spouses as they attempt to negotiate terms and agreements for the new life they will no longer share as closely as when they were married. Among those sometimes complex issues is the topic of finances. Many issues of a divorce case seem to center around money.

Affleck/Garner divorce teaches lessons about spousal support

A famous Hollywood couple calling it quits is hardly news in this day and age, even if it is a media-darling couple like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. However, Connecticut residents dealing with divorce may do well to learn from the lessons this couple may be teaching divorcing couples across the nation. Namely, the importance of knowing the divorce law in a home state. 

How are different types of debt treated in divorce?

Planning a divorce can be a process full of stumbling blocks, each one adding additional stress. While having to consider child-related issues and property division, divorcing spouses also have to address debt issues. The division of debt in a Connecticut divorce will form part of the property division process, and knowing which debts will be your responsibility may help you avoid unpleasant surprises.