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Understanding the value of a divorce team

On Behalf of | May 21, 2015 | Divorce |

Ending a marriage, no matter how amicable the split might be, is a traumatic experience. Divorce involves a great deal of life-changing decisions, not all of which will be easy to make. That is why some experts suggest that Connecticut residents facing divorce should build a “divorce team” of professionals to help mitigate the difficult process.

Even in cases where a divorce is amicable, the presence of divorce attorneys is beneficial to both parties. Attorneys are able to navigate the often-complicated language of divorce law to ensure that the agreement is equitable to both spouses. However, not everything in a divorce is rooted in asset division or child custody paperwork. 

Divorce is an emotional process as well, which is why some experts suggest seeking out a therapist to help an individual spouse work through his or her feelings in a healthy way. The negotiation table is not an ideal place to vent frustration or work through unresolved romantic attachment, which is why a therapist can be helpful. Finally, a relatively new player in the divorce game is the so-called “divorce coach,” who can help to unify the individual support lent by attorneys and therapists throughout the process. 

Ultimately, a divorce is an intensely personal journey, but it is not one Connecticut residents are beholden to make on their own. Support in the form of so-called “divorce teams” is available readily throughout the state. With the support of trained professionals, a divorce may still not be a walk in the park, but it is certainly a road more easily traveled. 

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