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April 2015 Archives

In divorce, stock options considered property

Assets accrued by married couples over the course of their marriage can take on many forms. Connecticut residents facing divorce are keenly aware of the fact that in an equitable distribution state, these assets are divided based upon a court decision of what is "fair" to both parties. It may come as a surprise to some individuals, however, that this distribution extends to stock options of certain types. 

Retirement can be influenced by divorce

The fiscal future of both parties in a marital dissolution can be influenced by this change in life, as many people already know. However, long-term planning for the implications of divorce can sometimes be overlooked by Connecticut residents in the midst of the process, considering how emotional such a process can be. It is important to consider these issues associated with retirement planning, particularly if the parties are in the process of a so-called grey divorce where retirement might be just around the corner. 

Facebook may be set to change the face of divorce

A landmark case in another state saw a Supreme Court judge rule in favor of a woman who wanted to use the popular social media platform Facebook to serve her estranged husband with divorce papers. While this decision has yet to be repeated in Connecticut, the mere fact that a discussion is now happening about how social media will affect divorce moving forward is worthy of note. However, there are several roadblocks in the way of widespread implementation of actions of this type.

Planning for the financial changes brought on by divorce

While divorce obviously has the capacity to drastically change an individual's day-to-day life, the long-term implications of a separation are not always closely scrutinized. Connecticut residents facing divorce are reminded that, depending on their unique situation, a divorce could have ramifications for their long-term life plans as well. Issues such as retirement savings and benefits should not be ignored when approaching the topic of a marital separation. 

Children respond to divorce in various ways

It is a widely held belief, and not an entirely untrue one, that divorce is difficult on children. Certainly, as Connecticut residents understand, divorce is difficult for everyone involved. However, parents are often urged by experts to consider the effects a negative marriage and hostile home life might have on their children when compared to an amicable, efficient divorce. 

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