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November 2014 Archives

Dealing with "pet custody" in divorce

Pet owners do not often think of their pets as "property," but in a court of law, that is exactly what they are. This is why pet owners in Connecticut and beyond are starting to challenge traditional divorce law when it comes to the question of which spouse gets a pet in the event of a separation. It can be very helpful for spouses to think about this arrangement ahead of filing for divorce, as the more issues that can be solved ahead of time, the fewer roadblocks there will be on the path to single living.

$1 billion judgment in Hamm divorce not satisfactory

The separation of billionaire hedge fund trader Harold Hamm and his estranged wife Sue Ann has been making headlines around the nation for some time. Connecticut residents may be aware that, recently, a divorce court local to the couple reached a judgment that Sue Ann was owed $1 billion as a divorce settlement. However, Sue Ann and her representation are in the process of appealing that decision as being not in step with an equal share of the couple's fortune.

Dividing a home in a Connecticut divorce

A house is usually the biggest purchase most individuals make in his or her lifetime. Many Connecticut residents purchase a home with a spouse, which makes things complicated should the two later decide to divorce. For couples who would rather not see the home sold, there are ways this can be facilitated in a divorce court setting. 

Avoiding common divorce issues in Connecticut

Ending a marriage can be traumatizing for both parties involved in the process. However, there are ways for Connecticut residents to minimize the divorce issues they will have to face. If both individuals enter into a divorce process with an understanding of what will be required of them before, during and after the process is complete, it can go a long way toward smoothing the transition for them.